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Godhand Teru

Mangaka : Kazuki Yamamoto

Status : 55 Volumes On Going

Teru is a surgeon who just out of medical school and start to work in yasuda kinen hospital, also known as Valhalla, eventhough he is a doctor he really clumsy and nervous. His tutor, Dr. Kitami Suichi is not a patient doctor, and he doubt about Teru’s ability as a doctor and people around him also wonder why he decided to bdepend on his ownecome a doctor, despite being told that he is a clumsy doctor, Teru still do his job carefully and he also do alot of parctice toimprove his ability.

Teru habits will change when he meet a difficult situation who need alot of consentration and related to life and death situation, he suddenly become a really different people and he can save the patient. Kitami still not believe in teru’s ability and he also said that he doesn’t believe in luck. he said that a surgeon has to depend on his own  abilities not luck. Then the Director told him a shocking fact that during Teru practice in university for 3 years he never meet a dead patient which is impossible for a doctor never met a dead patient,  it means that no matter how worse the patients’s condition, Teru always able to save them.

Slowly, Teru improve his ability and make his patient and coworkers believe in him, eventhough he still as clumsy as ever but, his ability has improve alot the story not only about how Teru slowly become a good doctor,

This manga not only about how Teru Slowly become a good doctor but also about intrique related with another hospital that want to take down the Yasuda Kinen Hostipal and rivalry with another doctor.

What Teru want is to help and saving people, and sometime his dedicated make him do something that unusual method. Teru also clumsy when he has to talk or show something infront many audience, but when he facing a patient he forget about everything else and make audience drown to him. His enthusiasm also influence people around him and he also able to make patients trust at him and slowly make a huge change in the medical world.

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Steel Rose

Author : Ryan / Lyan

Genre : Shoujo Manhwa

Status : 7 volumes complete

This Manhwa is the sequel of Ingenuo, but someone didn’t read Ingenuo also can read this manhwa, because it has different story with Ingenuo. In Ingenuo the story focus in Jia Yu and Yang Zhaou, In this manhwa focus on Lulu (Yang Zhaou’s Brother) and Le Ting (Jia Yu’s Best friend). In Ingenuo has been told that Lulu is Falling in love with Le ting, in Steel Rose we can see how Lulu trying to won Le Ting Heart, and how Le Ting react. At first, Le Ting doesn’t like Lulu at all, she even punch him, because she thinks Lulu is a thief, but Lulu never give up eventhough he has been hit, and Le Ting show that she doesn’t like him. Slowly, Le Ting begin to like Lulu, but still not love him yet. This mahwa also tell about Lulu’s mother and someone who really love Lulu and do anything to make Lulu his. We also can see about Le Ting family situation, where her grandfather really strict to her and about Le Ting ability in self defense.

Lulu not only trying to make Le Ting love him, but he also trying to know about Le Ting family, and because he is friendly, Le Ting family like him. He also capable to make Le Ting grandfather like him.

In Steel Rose, we also can see how Jia Yu and Yang Zhou doing, because sometimes, they appear as additional story, well i think they are doing fine, and slowly we can see that Le Ting starting to accept Yang Zhao as Jia Yu boyfriend, and about Jia Yu parents. In steel rose we will know how things end up between Yang Zhou and Jia Yu.

In steel rose it has quite different artwork with Ingenuo, the artworks in steel rose are more feminine than in Ingenuo, maybe you couldn’t recognize Yang Zhou at first, and you’ll get surprise because it’s really different if we compare between Yang Zhou in Ingenuo with Yang Zhaou in steel rose, beside the Yang Zhaou, the other characters’s artwork not really different

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Sugar Family

Mangaka : Akira Hagio

Genre : Shoujo Manga

Status : 6 volumes complete

Yuka Satou is an ordinary girls, she study in an all girls school. She suddenly got a big brother because her father decided to married again. She expect to have a mature, calm and cool brother because her step mother is a calm, mature and good looking woman, but what she got is the opposite from what she expect beside for the good looking. Taichi Satou is not only an uncool, childish, brother but he also has acute level of sister complex. He has been dreaming to has a sister since he was a kid, when his dream finally granted he felt really happy and he wants to stay together forever with his sister ( yuka ). what makes worse is their parent went to the journey around the world as their honeymoon, so Yuka and Taichi have to live together in their new house, but their parent haven’t registered their married, it’s mean that they are not brother and sister yet. Taichi always do something to make Yuka happy, so she will call him “oniichan”, in Taichi eyes, Yuka is the cutest and most beautiful girl it makes Taichi over react to anything related to Yuka , and Yuka will react calm (coldly) to everything Taichi does. when Yuka think “thank god it is only in the home”, it turn out that Taichi is replacing one of the teacher in Yuka’s school. And it means that Yuka life will be funny, and full of tear ( Taichi’s tears of course ), and most of the student likes to tease him because of his sister complex, and they have to keep secret that they aren’t sibling from everyone.

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Prosecutor Princess

This K-Drama consist of 16 episodes, it was broadcast by SBS.

Ma Hye Ri is a new prosecutor, she has excellent memory which make her pass the exam easily. Despite having excellent memory, she is more interested in being fashionable rather than being prosecutor. Ma Hye Ri comes from rich family which allowed her to buy anything she want, and her dad really proud when she passed the exam. In the day of her graduation she lied that her mom being hospitalized, so she can go to the auction and go skiing. Unfortunately someone rob her car, he took her wallet and phone, and her room has been canceled by someone she didn’t know. She ended up stay with a stranger (Seo In woo) in a room that suppose to be her room. she even lent money from that man.she promised to pay it later when she arrived home, but she lost his phone number.

At first, Ma Hye Ri only do her job as prosecutor half-hearted, she went back home on time when her senior doing overtime, and didn’t really pay attention to her cases, she didn’t put much effort to her cases. She also went clubbing and get arrested by police, but she still not really care about that. Because of that, her coworkers didn’t want to work with her anymore, the chief made decision to promote her become a prosecutor not only an assistant, but she didn’t get any cases. She still don’t get it, she felt happy, but after she found out the reason why she is being promoted, she decided to find the cases herself and solve it. After that, she slowly learn to become a good prosecutor and do her job as good as she can (she will do research to get the evidence).

This drama not only about how she slowly become a good prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice, but also about her love live, her family, and her father past. At first i though that this drama only about that, but it turn out to become more complex, because it will reveal her dad past and it made her life change 180 degree.

Cast :

Kim So Yeon as Ma Hye Ri

Park Shi Hoo as Seo In woo

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Anatolia Story a.ka. Red River

Mangaka : Shinohara Chie

Genre : Shoujo Manga

Status : 28 Volumes complete

Yuri is a modern girls who just get her first kiss but suddenly she was whisked away to the ancient anatolia by the queen who want to sacrificed her blood. The queen want to sacrificed Yuri beacuse she want her son prince Juda to become the king, to make the dream come true, she have to kill other princes. Fortunately, Prince Kail safe her. Yuri then being sheltered in Prince Kail’s home as his concubine But the queen didn’t give up, she still wanted to kill yuri as her sacrifice. As time goes by Yuri fall in love with Prince Kail, so do Him. The Queen tried many ways to separate these two and kill them, she even kill her husband and the First prince who became the king after that and make yuri as the culprit. To clear yuri’s name one of yuri’s servant sacrifice herself, she admitted that the one who kill first prince is her not yuri, this confession make her sentence to die by hanging

as time goes by, Yuri finally give up to come back to her world (future) she decided to live in hatusa, and became Prince Kail’s concubine, but what she didn’t know that prince Kail actually want her to become the queen not only concubine. To make this dream come true yuri has to do a task, that she must defeat the Egypt.

beside the main story, the last book also consist extra stories related to the main story

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