Am I Fat ? (Part 4)

Now February 2011, my weights are 55 kilos and my heights still 1,59 m 😀

now i can say that i’m not fat anymore……………………………..

well it doesn’t mean my diet is done. i want to lose another 5 kilo or even better 7 kilos

but i thought that it is time for me to give my body a time to relax, i will start diet again next week, but now i want to give present to myself because i can reduce 26 kilos…………

Today, i went to mall and saw many people and i thought people who fat, is not only their fault but it could be because their parents and their environment. maybe their parents are too busy so they can’t give attention to what their kids ate or drink. they only give them what they like, like fast food or ice cream or other junk food. i don’t say that they can eat all of that, if i said that i would call myself a liar, because i also eat that, but not too often. yes i thank god because i have great parents they always care with me and my sister and brother, they always paid attention to what we ate and drunk. or because they busy they don’t have time to eat regularly and just eat anything that fast and easy, at any time.

truthfully i became fat after i went to university and life away from my parents, so i have to ate outside and because i lazy, and when i had a homework or paper, i’d forget to eat and sometimes i just ate anything that fast and easy, and i believe that what make me fat.

not that i criticize people, but i thought that people should care with what they eat and drink everyday, and hopefully their parents will help them with that. actually after i life away from my parents, i miss home made food, i believe that my mom’s food is the best, it healthy and tasty.

it is said that when you are young you can eat anything, because you are still in growth period. well i thought that it not too corect, well yes you are still in growth period but if you already in fat or worse obese condition, i thought that you should do diet, i mean healthy diet, change your snack from biscuits, candy, ice cream to fruits and vegetables, yes i was hard at first but trust me after a week you’ll get used to it, and as additional benefit, fruits and vegetables are good for your skin.other things are reduce your behavior drink soft drink with mineral water or tea. you can use sugar in your tea but not too much.

and don’t forget to do exercise like walk for 30 minutes a day, and use stair instead lift if you only need to go to 2 floor. it is work.

well that all only my 2 cent….and my experience…..

ps : still learn to keep myself healthy 🙂


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    sakuramochi said,

    Having a clear and happy mind also keep you healthy, y’know? So, wanna hang out at Starbucks tonight? lol

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