Am I Fat ? (Part 3)

In early 2010 i decided to reduce my weights again, but because i easily felt bored and basically i don’t like exercise and i love eat, it was like punishment for me to do diet. i don’t mind doing exercise but diet?? oh my god………..:(

i take me almost 6 months to lose 10 kilos, because when i felt like doing diet, i did it and did exercise. but when i felt bored i stop diet and do exercise only halfhearted. well it’s hard, hut i manage to reduce 10 kilos. that means in the end of 2010 my weight was 62 ( i lose 19 kilos, from 81 became 62). and my pants’ size change from 14 to 12 well, when i saw that i felt happy and felt that my “sacrifice” paid off.

i went to department store, i wanted to buy a new pants, unfortunately they didn’t have my size, i tried number 10, it fit but, it was too tight. and then i tried number 8 well it was look like i wore a legging. but i bought number 8, i said to myself ” i’m gonna wear this someday”


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