Am I Fat ? (Part 1)

i’ve been thinking lately…….

am i fat? that’s my question to myself, i think i’m not fat. well i’m 1,59 m and my weights are 55 kg.

but 2 year ago, i can say that yes, i am fat, obese actually. At that time my weight almost 81 kg and my height only 1,59 m

of course i look like a ball.

my mother always told me to reduce my weight but i didn’t care. well i knew that i’m big but i never thought that i’m obese until lately. i know i’m fat but when i looked in the mirror i couldn’t see what wrong with my body. yes i knew it’s hard to find clothes and pants, especially pants, so i went to tailor to make pants. my mother, my cousin, my aunt, almost everyone in my family told me to reduce my weight but i didn’t care about it.

what make me decide to reduce my weight happened after i ate food that have high calories and cholesterol and of course fat. suddenly i felt pain in my left chest. wait a minute could it be that it was signal that my heart gave to me to warn me? that was what i thought at that time. after that event i decide that it was time for me to reduce the weights.



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