Steel Rose

Author : Ryan / Lyan

Genre : Shoujo Manhwa

Status : 7 volumes complete

This Manhwa is the sequel of Ingenuo, but someone didn’t read Ingenuo also can read this manhwa, because it has different story with Ingenuo. In Ingenuo the story focus in Jia Yu and Yang Zhaou, In this manhwa focus on Lulu (Yang Zhaou’s Brother) and Le Ting (Jia Yu’s Best friend). In Ingenuo has been told that Lulu is Falling in love with Le ting, in Steel Rose we can see how Lulu trying to won Le Ting Heart, and how Le Ting react. At first, Le Ting doesn’t like Lulu at all, she even punch him, because she thinks Lulu is a thief, but Lulu never give up eventhough he has been hit, and Le Ting show that she doesn’t like him. Slowly, Le Ting begin to like Lulu, but still not love him yet. This mahwa also tell about Lulu’s mother and someone who really love Lulu and do anything to make Lulu his. We also can see about Le Ting family situation, where her grandfather really strict to her and about Le Ting ability in self defense.

Lulu not only trying to make Le Ting love him, but he also trying to know about Le Ting family, and because he is friendly, Le Ting family like him. He also capable to make Le Ting grandfather like him.

In Steel Rose, we also can see how Jia Yu and Yang Zhou doing, because sometimes, they appear as additional story, well i think they are doing fine, and slowly we can see that Le Ting starting to accept Yang Zhao as Jia Yu boyfriend, and about Jia Yu parents. In steel rose we will know how things end up between Yang Zhou and Jia Yu.

In steel rose it has quite different artwork with Ingenuo, the artworks in steel rose are more feminine than in Ingenuo, maybe you couldn’t recognize Yang Zhou at first, and you’ll get surprise because it’s really different if we compare between Yang Zhou in Ingenuo with Yang Zhaou in steel rose, beside the Yang Zhaou, the other characters’s artwork not really different


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