Prosecutor Princess

This K-Drama consist of 16 episodes, it was broadcast by SBS.

Ma Hye Ri is a new prosecutor, she has excellent memory which make her pass the exam easily. Despite having excellent memory, she is more interested in being fashionable rather than being prosecutor. Ma Hye Ri comes from rich family which allowed her to buy anything she want, and her dad really proud when she passed the exam. In the day of her graduation she lied that her mom being hospitalized, so she can go to the auction and go skiing. Unfortunately someone rob her car, he took her wallet and phone, and her room has been canceled by someone she didn’t know. She ended up stay with a stranger (Seo In woo) in a room that suppose to be her room. she even lent money from that man.she promised to pay it later when she arrived home, but she lost his phone number.

At first, Ma Hye Ri only do her job as prosecutor half-hearted, she went back home on time when her senior doing overtime, and didn’t really pay attention to her cases, she didn’t put much effort to her cases. She also went clubbing and get arrested by police, but she still not really care about that. Because of that, her coworkers didn’t want to work with her anymore, the chief made decision to promote her become a prosecutor not only an assistant, but she didn’t get any cases. She still don’t get it, she felt happy, but after she found out the reason why she is being promoted, she decided to find the cases herself and solve it. After that, she slowly learn to become a good prosecutor and do her job as good as she can (she will do research to get the evidence).

This drama not only about how she slowly become a good prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice, but also about her love live, her family, and her father past. At first i though that this drama only about that, but it turn out to become more complex, because it will reveal her dad past and it made her life change 180 degree.

Cast :

Kim So Yeon as Ma Hye Ri

Park Shi Hoo as Seo In woo


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    sakuramochi said,

    ini kayak perpaduan Fugoh Keiji (dorama aneh Kyoko Fukada ituuu) sama Tokujo Kabachi!!
    cowoknya cakep gak?
    kayak Geonil?? *ngarep*

    • 2

      skykaira said,

      lumayan lah cowoknya, tapi kalo dibandingin ama geonil ya kalah lah.
      lagian geonil kan cantik buka n cakep. xixixi
      kalo dibandingin ama dramanya kyoko fukada, beda kok
      kalo dramanya kyoko fukada, 2 episode aja gw udah bosen,
      kalo ini gw sanggup nonton ampe abis, walopun subnya ancur2an, lagian ceritanya
      ga cuma tentang dia jadi jaksa kok, tapi jg tentang masalah bokapnya
      makin lama makin dalem ceritanya, gw juga ngiranya ceritanya cuma lucu2 doang

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