Anatolia Story a.ka. Red River

Mangaka : Shinohara Chie

Genre : Shoujo Manga

Status : 28 Volumes complete

Yuri is a modern girls who just get her first kiss but suddenly she was whisked away to the ancient anatolia by the queen who want to sacrificed her blood. The queen want to sacrificed Yuri beacuse she want her son prince Juda to become the king, to make the dream come true, she have to kill other princes. Fortunately, Prince Kail safe her. Yuri then being sheltered in Prince Kail’s home as his concubine But the queen didn’t give up, she still wanted to kill yuri as her sacrifice. As time goes by Yuri fall in love with Prince Kail, so do Him. The Queen tried many ways to separate these two and kill them, she even kill her husband and the First prince who became the king after that and make yuri as the culprit. To clear yuri’s name one of yuri’s servant sacrifice herself, she admitted that the one who kill first prince is her not yuri, this confession make her sentence to die by hanging

as time goes by, Yuri finally give up to come back to her world (future) she decided to live in hatusa, and became Prince Kail’s concubine, but what she didn’t know that prince Kail actually want her to become the queen not only concubine. To make this dream come true yuri has to do a task, that she must defeat the Egypt.

beside the main story, the last book also consist extra stories related to the main story


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