Small Operation

it is only small operation, just relax, it’s gonna be alright
yup, that is what the doctor said to me. but still, i felt nervous.
it was hurt when he injected the anaesthetic, after that i began felt numb in my palm,
i didn’t feel anything, just like something scartch my palm. the problem began when the operation was finish
and they have to do stitched up,when the last stitch it painful because the anaesthetic effect almost gone, then the doctor injected it again, then he said, do you like eating tape ketan? or brem?
because the anaesthetic suppose to be last until 2 hours, but it wasn’t 1 hour past and i already felt pain, he thought that maybe i like to eat something that contain alcohol. well, it turn out that when me and my sister gave anaesthetic, the effect will fade sooner. But i don’t know the reason.

now, i’m waiting when i can use my right hand like before. because it’s quite hard to do everything using only my left hand, but because this operation, at least i can use my left hand better than before. 🙂


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