Trouble in train

Yesterday, the electric train had a problem again. 😦

as usual, yesterday i went home by train, although the train was late, but because it’s  so common i am getting used to it ( what make me amazed is when the train is on time which is very rare). At first, it was fine but suddenly when the train almost arrive in UI Station,  it stopped, well i though that maybe in front this train was an economic train, so we have to wait until economic train leave first. but after five minutes the train still stopped i felt that there was something wrong. Suddenly there was announcement that tunder struck the train’s signal in depok station, so the train signal was in a mess in the end we had to wait arround 15 minutes until the train was run again.

well at least it was only 15 minutes, but please if there is another problem, please stopped in the station, do not stop between the stations, so we can go out from the train and go home by bus instead.

and thank god this morning the train was working fine, so i could arrive on time in my office. 🙂


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