Hanatsuki Hime

Mangaka :Hibiki Wataru

genre :  Shoujo Manga

Status : 2 Volumes (complete)

Two main characters’ name are Lys and Siva. Lys is a dancer, she and Siva travel together to search for Lys’ devil. Their reason is to ask the devil to lend her the heart for another years. Lys met Siva when she was small in the desert after she run away from the “prison” she had been held after her mother’s dead.

When Lys was born, her heart didn’t beat at all, and then her mother ask favor from a devil to lend his heart to Lys. The Devil agreed to lend his heart for 16 years, after Lys turn 16 years old he will take his heart back and eat Lys Body. Lys started this journey since she was a child and now Lys almost turn 16 years old.

The one who lend devil’s heart will get her / him chest drawn with a flower, and called as hantsuki hime. During their journey they met many obstacles because people despise the hanatsuki hime. Slowly Lys fall with Siva, she don’t want to die so soon because she want to be together with siva, and so does Siva, he also fall with Lys.But there is one secret that Siva keep from Lys, and that secret also make Siva couldn’t love Lys. This secret will be reveal very soon actually 😉

one day during they were travelling, they met an egoistic prince and his ring spirit. the prince want to make Lys his beacuse Lys resembles his mother, because his mother also a hanatsuki hime.

Well in my opinion, although it only have two volumes, in this manga we can see the development in Lys and Siva relationship, and beside that we can see that Lys really work hard to searching her devil, even though she don’t know where to find him.


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