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Anatolia Story a.ka. Red River

Mangaka : Shinohara Chie

Genre : Shoujo Manga

Status : 28 Volumes complete

Yuri is a modern girls who just get her first kiss but suddenly she was whisked away to the ancient anatolia by the queen who want to sacrificed her blood. The queen want to sacrificed Yuri beacuse she want her son prince Juda to become the king, to make the dream come true, she have to kill other princes. Fortunately, Prince Kail safe her. Yuri then being sheltered in Prince Kail’s home as his concubine But the queen didn’t give up, she still wanted to kill yuri as her sacrifice. As time goes by Yuri fall in love with Prince Kail, so do Him. The Queen tried many ways to separate these two and kill them, she even kill her husband and the First prince who became the king after that and make yuri as the culprit. To clear yuri’s name one of yuri’s servant sacrifice herself, she admitted that the one who kill first prince is her not yuri, this confession make her sentence to die by hanging

as time goes by, Yuri finally give up to come back to her world (future) she decided to live in hatusa, and became Prince Kail’s concubine, but what she didn’t know that prince Kail actually want her to become the queen not only concubine. To make this dream come true yuri has to do a task, that she must defeat the Egypt.

beside the main story, the last book also consist extra stories related to the main story


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Chance the bandage

i just came back from hospital for change the bandage.
and i have to go again to the hospital this thursday. well actually it is not a problem
because my head section is a nice person, he allows me to go there. the problem is the doctor,
because he didn’t want me to paid for his services because i am his friend’s cousin.
not that i’m not grateful but i don’t feel right. i felt like i took advantage from my cousin name.
i wonder how to make him accept the payment. 😦

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Small Operation

it is only small operation, just relax, it’s gonna be alright
yup, that is what the doctor said to me. but still, i felt nervous.
it was hurt when he injected the anaesthetic, after that i began felt numb in my palm,
i didn’t feel anything, just like something scartch my palm. the problem began when the operation was finish
and they have to do stitched up,when the last stitch it painful because the anaesthetic effect almost gone, then the doctor injected it again, then he said, do you like eating tape ketan? or brem?
because the anaesthetic suppose to be last until 2 hours, but it wasn’t 1 hour past and i already felt pain, he thought that maybe i like to eat something that contain alcohol. well, it turn out that when me and my sister gave anaesthetic, the effect will fade sooner. But i don’t know the reason.

now, i’m waiting when i can use my right hand like before. because it’s quite hard to do everything using only my left hand, but because this operation, at least i can use my left hand better than before. 🙂

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Really…..i am not clear enough

It realy is hard to figure out someone else mind.
Just 10 minutes ago, my classmate from junior high school chatted with me
our conversation was like this :
x     : mi
me : ?
x    : still in Bantarbolang?

me : ?

x    : Mr. Marno said hello to you

me : ? (i don’t remember who is Mr. Marno)

x    : you did not know me?

me : i ask who is Mr. Sarno. then he replied with

x    : i am sorry i mean Mr. Sarno, your land lord

me : i see

x    : what did you mean? you forgot about your me? even though our birthday is same?

me : i think our conversation is not clear to each other, i asked how could you met Mr. Sarno?

x    : if it is clear, just give some connection? (haaaaaaaaaaaa) ok if you forgot me (he angry)

finally i wrote :

me : i remember you, what i asked to you before was how could you met Mr. Sarno?

x    : what do you mean?


can somebody help me………….need transslator immediately

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Hanatsuki Hime

Mangaka :Hibiki Wataru

genre :  Shoujo Manga

Status : 2 Volumes (complete)

Two main characters’ name are Lys and Siva. Lys is a dancer, she and Siva travel together to search for Lys’ devil. Their reason is to ask the devil to lend her the heart for another years. Lys met Siva when she was small in the desert after she run away from the “prison” she had been held after her mother’s dead.

When Lys was born, her heart didn’t beat at all, and then her mother ask favor from a devil to lend his heart to Lys. The Devil agreed to lend his heart for 16 years, after Lys turn 16 years old he will take his heart back and eat Lys Body. Lys started this journey since she was a child and now Lys almost turn 16 years old.

The one who lend devil’s heart will get her / him chest drawn with a flower, and called as hantsuki hime. During their journey they met many obstacles because people despise the hanatsuki hime. Slowly Lys fall with Siva, she don’t want to die so soon because she want to be together with siva, and so does Siva, he also fall with Lys.But there is one secret that Siva keep from Lys, and that secret also make Siva couldn’t love Lys. This secret will be reveal very soon actually 😉

one day during they were travelling, they met an egoistic prince and his ring spirit. the prince want to make Lys his beacuse Lys resembles his mother, because his mother also a hanatsuki hime.

Well in my opinion, although it only have two volumes, in this manga we can see the development in Lys and Siva relationship, and beside that we can see that Lys really work hard to searching her devil, even though she don’t know where to find him.

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List of homework

there is many manga, manhwa that i want to write here. and my october wish is : i can write the review this mangas :

1. Red River aka Anatolia Story

2. Hanatsuki Hime

3. Charming Junkie

4. Steel Rose

5. wild Life

6. Dr. Koto

7. XXX Holic

and many other mangas


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Trouble in train

Yesterday, the electric train had a problem again. 😦

as usual, yesterday i went home by train, although the train was late, but because it’s  so common i am getting used to it ( what make me amazed is when the train is on time which is very rare). At first, it was fine but suddenly when the train almost arrive in UI Station,  it stopped, well i though that maybe in front this train was an economic train, so we have to wait until economic train leave first. but after five minutes the train still stopped i felt that there was something wrong. Suddenly there was announcement that tunder struck the train’s signal in depok station, so the train signal was in a mess in the end we had to wait arround 15 minutes until the train was run again.

well at least it was only 15 minutes, but please if there is another problem, please stopped in the station, do not stop between the stations, so we can go out from the train and go home by bus instead.

and thank god this morning the train was working fine, so i could arrive on time in my office. 🙂

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