this morning, when i cross the street i saw policeman there, helping peoples crossing the street.
well at first you must say : “wow the policeman was really kind for helping peoples”
but wait, there is a problem.
the policeman was helping people to cross the street, yes, but the people didn’t cross in the zebra cross. wow what a shock……..
then i ask the policeman ” sir, wasn’t there any zebra cross there (actually it’s near the zebra cross), but why you didn’t help people crossing in the zebra cross, but in here instead?” i said like that.
guess what the policeman told me?
policeman : ” because there are so many peoples that crossing here, almost no one that using the zebra cross, so if i stand there (in zebra cross) who will i help to cross” he said that with quite loud voice almost like angry, like, why you question my decision? so i just nod and walk away.
ok, so this is the problem : there is zebra cross but people do not want to use it to cross the street (actually, quite many people use zebra cross, but at that time only 1 or 2 people who use it) because
peoples prefer to cross the street not using the zebra cross, so the policeman made a decision to help people who didn’t use zebra cross.
then my question is : didn’t the policeman should give them instructions to cross in the right place? (zebra cross) but why the policeman make a decision like that?
didn’t we should cross the street using zebra cross? for our own good, even there is a law that said, we must cross the street using zebra cross? or is it already forgotten even by the policeman? so it’s mean that there is no meaning for the zebra cross.
then the one who done mistake is :
1. me : who ask the question, because i confuse?
2. zebra cross : because only few peoples who use it?
3. people who cross using zebra cross?
4. people who cross not using zebra cross?
5. the policeman?
6. the law?

what do you think?


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  1. 1

    sakuramochi said,

    Atashi desu! for reading this post so early that I laugh alone on my desk. lol.
    Well, the Policeman is simply adapting to people’s behavior. Perhaps we just need to ask “Hey sir, please help us crossing” whenever we feel like crossing the street.

    • 2

      skykaira said,

      are? zebra cross ja nai??
      you know, when he answer my question, the policeman’s voice is quite loud. hiks, i ask him politely but he answer it with angry tone.
      oh and then she suggest me to sent the letter to the mayor, to ask him to bulit bridge crossing.

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