Sorairo Kaigan

Mangaka : Nanpei yamada, she is also the mangaka of koucha ouji.

Genre : Shoujo Manga

status : complete ( 6 volumes)

Tomo sakurai is a girl who lives in a town close to the beach, when she was a child, she met a boy who give her an agate, when she was going to go home, they promise to play again together in the next day, but the boy never show up anymore.

The story continue with Tomo that already a high school student. When she is going to school by bus, she was getting molested by someone on the bus, but she gets rescued by a guy ( Tanaka Riku ), who turn out to be her school caretaker. Tanaka Riku accidentally drop a key chain  that has similar agate with the one she got from the past. when she was trying to find out the man who rescue her, she saw another guy ( Tanaka Tento ) who wear hair tie with the similar agate. Tento agree to repair the key chain but she must help him collect the tree from the beach. Tento lives together with Riku in the house who located in the school roof, and he has hobby to create things from things that he found in the beach.

It turns out that riku is the boy who give agate to Tomo, and there is reasons why he never show up in the beach again. i think it related with bitter past (still unknown).


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