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One of the Printer in my section had a problem, AGAIN!!!!, usually i only need to turn it off for a while and it will be working again, but it’s not happen today. i hate if that happen, especially because we need to print some documents and it’s urgent. ūüė¶

Finally it’s working again, but it happen after i turn it off many times. If my count right i have to turn it off 3 times, and have to let it off for quite long time, thank god it working again. if it still had a problem¬† it will be a mess Because of the error, we have to waste 10 sheet papers. Fortunately i can use it for other things. Still, i always hate it if the printer error.



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Sorairo Kaigan

Mangaka : Nanpei yamada, she is also the mangaka of koucha ouji.

Genre : Shoujo Manga

status : complete ( 6 volumes)

Tomo sakurai is a girl who lives in a town close to the beach, when she was a child, she met a boy who give her an agate, when she was going to go home, they promise to play again together in the next day, but the boy never show up anymore.

The story continue with Tomo that already a high school student. When she is going to school by bus, she was getting molested by someone on the bus, but she gets rescued by a guy ( Tanaka Riku ), who turn out to be her school caretaker. Tanaka Riku accidentally drop a key chain  that has similar agate with the one she got from the past. when she was trying to find out the man who rescue her, she saw another guy ( Tanaka Tento ) who wear hair tie with the similar agate. Tento agree to repair the key chain but she must help him collect the tree from the beach. Tento lives together with Riku in the house who located in the school roof, and he has hobby to create things from things that he found in the beach.

It turns out that riku is the boy who give agate to Tomo, and there is reasons why he never show up in the beach again. i think it related with bitter past (still unknown).

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Kaichou wa Maid Sama

Mangaka : Fujiwara Hiro

Genre : Shoujo manga

Status : Ongoing

Our hero and heroin in this manga are Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi. Ayuzawa Misaki is student council president in her school.¬† She has one dislike : Guy. Unfortunately, her school was an all boy school, it’s means that the school has more boys than girls. that why she decided to create a “heaven” for girls in the school.

Usui Takumi on the other hand is a popular boy, he is smart, good in sports, and he is respected by other student both girls and boys.¬† He has past that still unknown until now, he lives in an apartment alone. Until know i still don’t know about his family or his background.

The story is about Ayuzawa Misaki who wants to create “heaven” for all girls, and some time she went far too much to discipline boys student. She is known as good student, well behavior,¬† and has “scary” personality. But beside that Ayuzawa has a secret that she hide from everyone. She is secretly working as a maid in maid cafe. She success hide her job until Usui find out about that. Thus the story about Ayuzawa and Takumi relationship was begin. She want to hide this secret no mater what, and usui who only want to tease her (at first) because if the student found out about her job, she wont be respected anymore by other student, and she want Usui to keep the secret.

Even though the story mainly  revolve around those two, but this story also about their relationship with other peoples, their family situation ( i think it has relationship between ayuzawa family condition with her dislike for guy, but still not clear enough ), their friend, how Ayuzawa learn to trust guy, not only girls.

when i read this manga, some time i smile or laugh, because the student’s reaction to ayuzawa, because for them ayuzawa is like demon who want to destroy their kingdom. there is also three peoples who know about ayuzawa secret, but they didn’t reveal it to other student and they become ayuzawa fans instead. it’s so funny to see how the trio ( i call them the trio) try to see ayuzawa everyday in maid cafe, even though they only have enough money to buy a cup of coffe or when they want have picture with ayuzawa.

but once again, this manga is a shoujomanga. when the main story is about love relationship between two main charachers

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This comic was created by Ryan and consist of 15 volumes.

The story mainly revolve arround two main characters : Ding Jiayu and Yang zhaou. Ding Jiayu is a girl who want to become world famous photographer, her idol is Yang Zhaou who is world famous photographer. then when she heard that yang Zhaou studio search for an assistant, she decided that she has to become his assistant. but there is one problem, Yang Zhaou only accept guy, not girl. Because of that, Jiayu cut her hair and disguise herself as a guy. but after she became his assistant, the story is just started, Yang Zhaou is really a demanding teacher/boss, he beat Jiayu every time Jiayu made a mistake. and since everyone in the studio think that Jiayu is a guy, she has to bring heavy equipment, they even bring her to a club for a celebration.

When we first read this comic, we will guess that everyone didn’t know that Jiayu is a girl, but actually Yang Zhaou, knew that Jiayu is a girl. it turn out that he has been met Jiayu, but Jiayu didn’t remember him at all. Everyone will know Jiayu is a girl in book 2, it happened because a robber try to robb Yang Zhaou’s favorite camera, and Jiayu try to prevent it, Because of that Yang Zhaou has to take Jiayu to the hospital, because her wound was so severe, that accident make everyone knew that Jiayu is a girl.

Beside two main characters, there is also other charachers that make this story funny, Lulu : Yang Zhaou’s brother ( he has some behavior to dramatize situation), Le Ting : Jaiyu’s Best Friend (Lulu has crush on her). also there is one actor that has crush on Jiayu, his name is Aiwen (well i like this character because actually Aiwen help Jiayu and Yang Zhaou’s love relationship, and also he is so cute trying to win Jiayu’s heart but Jiayu didn’t even guess that aiwen is love her until quite sometime, beside that he help reveal Yang Zhaou’past) for me this comic quite interesting, but it is really shoujo manga (girls comics).

Jiayu character is strong, and independent, and she isn’t the type who will wait until the guy she loves find her, she is the one who will find the guy and say that she loves him.

Yang Zhaou character is strong, independent, he has some dark past, where his father always dictate him. that’s make him became someone who want to free from his father influence and at the sometime surpass his father in everything include women (he is quite a player before)

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this morning, when i cross the street i saw policeman there, helping peoples crossing the street.
well at first you must say : “wow the policeman was really kind for helping peoples”
but wait, there is a problem.
the policeman was helping people to cross the street, yes, but the people didn’t cross in the zebra cross. wow what a shock……..
then i ask the policeman ” sir, wasn’t there any zebra cross there (actually it’s near the zebra cross), but why you didn’t help people crossing in the zebra cross, but in here instead?” i said like that.
guess what the policeman told me?
policeman : ” because there are so many peoples that crossing here, almost no one that using the zebra cross, so if i stand there (in zebra cross) who will i help to cross” he said that with quite loud voice almost like angry, like, why you question my decision? so i just nod and walk away.
ok, so this is the problem : there is zebra cross but people do not want to use it to cross the street (actually, quite many people use zebra cross, but at that time only 1 or 2 people who use it) because
peoples prefer to cross the street not using the zebra cross, so the policeman made a decision to help people who didn’t use zebra cross.
then my question is : didn’t the policeman should give them instructions to cross in the right place? (zebra cross) but why the policeman make a decision like that?
didn’t we should cross the street using zebra cross? for our own good, even there is a law that said, we must cross the street using zebra cross? or is it already forgotten even by the policeman? so it’s mean that there is no meaning for the zebra cross.
then the one who done mistake is :
1. me : who ask the question, because i confuse?
2. zebra cross : because only few peoples who use it?
3. people who cross using zebra cross?
4. people who cross not using zebra cross?
5. the policeman?
6. the law?

what do you think?

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